Accelerating the content development process and deepening client partnerships

For PACIFIC, a fast growing digital agency with Fortune 500 clients, creating truly rich content marketing pieces can be an intensive process. Getting the best possible return in terms of SEO and pickup often requires incredibly precise timing and team collaboration.

At the same time, proprietary content is something that businesses take very personally, which makes sense—it’s supposed to be a reliable reflection of who they are, after all. But for PACIFIC, it means that writers are constantly balancing optimizing timing against ensuring all their clients’ priorities are addressed and they’re perfectly satisfied—something that requires a lot of time and coordination.

“Content marketing isn’t about cranking out something generic and slapping your client’s name on it,” said Justine McGrath, Marketing Coordinator at PACIFIC. “It’s about understanding who your customer is, what they want to say, and helping them articulate that as powerfully as possible. In order to further our clients’ messages, we’re constantly collaborating both internally and with our customers. We ask for feedback and approval every time we generate a final product for a client. If not properly managed, the review process can be time-consuming and can potentially set us back significantly on project timelines.”

PACIFIC needed a collaboration command center from which they could share and track client documents, review and incorporate new feedback and consistently access the most up-to-date versions. Huddle was the ideal solution.

One Platform Makes for Deeper Partnerships and Faster Processes

Implementing Huddle has allowed PACIFIC to both accelerate the content development process and deepen client partnerships. “The way we interact with our clients has fundamentally changed since we started using Huddle,” said Justine. “Email is a real bottleneck. It’s easy for clients to lose track of the status on a long list of deliverables, and difficult to really discuss individual pieces of content. With Huddle, clients gain a bird’s eye view of content through every iteration and better understand all the work we put into perfecting their content. Clients are now true participants in the development of content, which deepens our partnership and makes the deliverables richer. We gain valuable insight into their voice and priorities so future content can better reflect their voice and values.”

PACIFIC has also been able to speed up its processes significantly, with less email back-and-forth slowing down revisions. In the past, every time an edit was made to content, it required a document download, change and re-send. With Huddle, PACIFIC team members can now secure approvals quickly and discuss and make edits in real-time, even on the go using a tablet or mobile phone. Nearly every member of PACIFIC uses Huddle every day to collaborate with their clients. Similarly clients can also make changes directly, removing the need for additional rounds of updates.

Huddle Keeps Content Safe

With data breaches on the rise, security was a critical factor for PACIFIC. With Huddle, PACIFIC no longer needs to worry about the safety of proprietary client content or that documents will ever go missing.

“Huddle lets us collaborate with newfound confidence,” said Justine. “Not only can we rest assured that every edit or change is captured, but we can also use the dashboard to keep on-going projects top of mind and view notifications to maintain accountability. It’s a big relief to know that we never have to worry about working with old, outdated information and we can always check in on any project from a single central location.”

Huddle’s secure cloud platform does more than facilitate easy collaboration. It also keeps all documents safe. Recently, when one of PACIFIC’s writers had their computer crash, their content was safely stored in the cloud within Huddle. Had they still been using their old system, every piece of content that the writer had been working on would have been lost. “Huddle has been a lifesaver for us,” said Justine. “It’s helped us operate better, deepen our client relationships and act with more confidence. We’re looking forward to continued momentum as Huddle is now embedded in the way we work.”


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