Huddle is the most trusted solution for secure government collaboration in the cloud. The first cloud vendor to achieve FedRAMP ATO, Huddle delivers a more effective way to work together within teams and across government agencies, to share and publish files, deliver multi-agency programs, and manage external suppliers.

Huddle is available on a number of GWACs and 8a vehicles and is supported by a proven network of Federal government partners

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Share and publish files


From Federal government agencies sharing policy documents with state agencies, to agency inspectors in the field who need to send videos back to the office, today’s government organizations need faster, more mobile ways to share and publish files.

Operating U.S. data centers to maintain sovereignty, Huddle allows users to quickly share files and manage access rights, while providing a full audit trail of document and user activity. Use cases include: policy sharing, site inspections, case management, employee on-boarding, public affairs, board and committee papers, aid relief programs, and mobile working.

The most secure method for secure file sharing

The first cloud-collaboration vendor to achieve FedRAMP ATO, our government-grade security spans administrative, technical and physical safeguards to keep your sensitive data secure.


Easy to use & always synchronised 

Huddle ensures everyone always has access to the latest document version, across all of their devices. Work offline and sync to your devices when you reconnect. 


More than just file-sharing

Add tasks and request approvals around your documents. Keep track of workflow and document usage from your desktop and mobile devices.



Multi-agency collaboration and program delivery


Huddle helps teams to come together across government agencies, public sector organizations, and private sector partners, to coordinate the delivery of services, manage projects, and set policy. Today, billions of dollars’ worth of government programs are run using Huddle.

Huddle overcomes the many challenges of collaboration and program delivery across dispersed teams, bringing users together within a shared, secure and cloud-based environment to work on projects, deliver programs, and coordinate case management.

Version control

No more sorting through email attachments - Huddle ensures everyone has access to the latest version of content, across all of their devices.

Manage projects and tasks

Huddle’s intuitive Workspaces simplify project management by keeping all critical files, tasks, and communications in one easy-to-navigate location.

Work efficiently

Make changes to your project documents without ever having to leave Huddle. Deep integrations with Microsoft Office products let you work seamlessly within your favorite business apps. 




Better supplier relationships 


A more collaborative, multi-agency, approach to Procurement & Supplier Management can dramatically enhance supplier performance.

Huddle offers a powerful solution to assist government and public sector bodies as they manage tenders and the large volume of bid, proposal and supplier performance documentation that typically accompanies any contract, as well as maintaining an audit trail of performance related documentation over the life of the contract.


A single, highly secure interface for managing bid documentation

Huddle’s secure workspace model allows government teams and external suppliers to co-exist, collaborate safely within the same platform, manage contract and performance documents, and satisfy the need for complete auditability.

Greater control

Enable Commercial Relationship Teams to centrally store contracts and supplier documentation to aid decision-making and govern performance. Set tasks and manage activity throughout the bid process to speed the process of collating, organizing and searching through bid documents. 

Manage supplier performance

Ensure contracts are fulfilled to budget and scope. Huddle can maintain a comprehensive audit trail of performance related documentation that can be used to manage suppliers.

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