At Logic Information Systems we work with a globally dispersed team of consultants, so instant, anytime, anywhere collaboration is key to supporting clients’ needs and driving the business forward.

Having experienced significant growth, we had plans for continued expansion on a local as well as global scale and needed the right technology in place for the next phase of the business’ development. We needed to introduce a secure, scalable, intuitive and highly available knowledge management and collaboration service to best support our demanding and globally dispersed consulting teams.

Our legacy in-house technology experienced significant downtime and lacked many of the key features our teams need. Consequently, people started to rely on email despite all the issues associated with version content, email growth and the cost of storing the data. People were also storing files on their shared drives, editing the files each time and saving them with a new file name. All of this added to the cost and complexity of sharing content.

Business productivity was clearly being undermined, as there was no single coordinated place to save data. To try and solve the issue and help teams work together more effectively we drew up a shortlist of services to consider. Some of these tools were quickly ruled out because of their cost and complexity – they would have taken significant time and resource to get up and running. We needed a platform that opened collaboration up to our external network of partners, agencies and other third parties.

We picked Huddle as it offers the ideal blend of cloud collaboration for cost effectiveness, security, mobile integration and across-the-firewall connectivity. Huddle was not only easy to implement but quick and simple to use, compared to the other alternatives we considered.

Our organization is focused exclusively on the Oracle Retail Suite and the operational needs of retailers. Huddle now enables our consultants to work seamlessly on every phase of a client project, including strategic consulting, business optimization, implementation, hosting and support. It is the central document knowledge base for our team, has reduced duplication of effort across regions, and sped up time-to-knowledge and employee ramping. Our teams are securely sharing and working together on different types of content, from slide deck reporting on our quarterly performance, to marketing materials, templates, internal policies and project documents. Huddle is great and the client teams love it!

The Huddle integration for Microsoft Office also enables teams to directly and securely save content to the cloud, without having to save it on the hard drive and upload it manually. The flexibility to edit a file, save and notify colleagues all without having to leave the platform is fantastic

We now have ‘one stop shop’ for document management across the extended global organization that’s immensely popular and straightforward. Collaboration couldn’t be easier!

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