Today’s organizations now extend far beyond their own four walls. While it’s likely your company has teams based across numerous territories and people working from home, the network of people you have to work with has grown far beyond this. Think about your enterprise ecosystem of customers, partners and contractors. How many times do you have to communicate and collaborate with these teams? Chances are you work with people externally just as much – if not more – than the people who sit in the same room as you. This is the reality of today’s work world.

Thanks to technology, the silos that have developed not only within but also between organizations are now crumbling. Getting your job done effectively requires sharing information with your entire business community and innovative technologies are breaking down the barriers to intercompany collaboration. As Huddle was designed to allow people to work across the firewall securely, I’m all too aware of the fact that large business ecosystems are becoming increasingly commonplace. My vision when I set up Huddle was to enable all constituents in these business networks to securely work in a central cloud environment and get their jobs done.

However, what caught my attention this week is the sheer scale of intercompany collaboration. A report released by analyst house Forrester – entitled “Collaboration Tools Are Your Customer Experience Ecosystem’s Nervous System” – revealed that 57% of today’s information workers regularly communicate with colleagues inside their organization, business partners, and customers. With so many people now working across the firewall, Jurassic enterprise technology simply isn’t fit for purpose.


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