Juniper Research’s latest 4G LTE report predicts that the deployment of 4G networks will be underway by 2012, giving enterprises and consumers access to faster mobile broadband.

While only one in 20 mobile subscribers worldwide are expected to be benefit from the networks by 2015, the take-up in North America is expected to be around 20 percent. One in five of the major operators are planning deployments over the next six months.

Imagine being able to download a film on your phone in just ten minutes, reading your emails on your phone and working on the move without the slow chugging of the network and the signal dropping. Yes, this may be a few years away and speeds will obviously vary, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Due to the rise of smartphones, an increase in mobile content and applications, and advances in the mobile web, people are now accustomed to consuming content at any time and from any location. Cue an explosion in mobile data traffic. You only have to glance around a train carriage to see people busily tapping away on their laptops, BlackBerry handsets and iPhones.

With organizations also recognizing the benefits of having their employees connected on the move, in remote offices and at home, the need to have mobile networks in place that don’t crumple under pressure has become more important.

Yes, there are some hurdles to cross, such as ensuring devices are ready for LTE, and it may still be a few years away. However, enterprises that are becoming increasingly fluid and mobile will undoubtedly welcome faster networks with open arms.

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