Advancing Quality (AQ) is a healthcare improvement initiative for the North West of England. Advancing Quality focuses on several clinical areas which affect many patients in the region and works with clinicians to provide NHS Trusts with a set of quality standards to measure good practice.

Advancing Quality (AQ) is responsible for implementing the highest quality healthcare standards across all NHS acute and mental health trusts in the North West of England. They work with clinicians to define and measure good clinical practice.


Unclogging workflow

Advancing Quality aims to improve health conditions and ensure the correct measures are implemented across the region. For the programme to run smoothly, Advancing Quality required a platform that would enable them to share information and collaborate with AQ teams across 32 NHS Trusts, as well as its own core staff.

“We regularly have face-to-face collaboratives with AQ teams from across the North West where we share the programme’s latest results and examples of best practice, but we wanted a tool that would help us to effectively work together and collaborate outside of these meetings. We needed a central, secure online environment where we could upload all the programme materials as well as monthly reports on the progress of Advancing Quality,” explains Lindsay Kirby, Advancing Quality.

Before using Huddle, the Advancing Quality team relied on email to share content but as file sizes increased, this became impossible without clogging up people’s inboxes. The AQ core team recognised that they needed a secure platform to save and organise all of their content in one place, so workers at each NHS Trust could easily find what they were looking for.


Huddling with internal and external teams

“After doing extensive online research, we kept seeing recommendations for Huddle and it ticked all the boxes, offering the best platform for us - workspace functionality, version control, discussion features so we can talk about the documents online,” continued Lindsay.

Using Huddle, Advancing Quality created workspaces to share content with numerous users. The discussion functionality makes collaboration easy around different pieces of content, sharing best practice tips. 


Everything in one secure place

“We currently have two key workspaces in Huddle. The main is the Advancing Quality workspace where about 350 NHS clinicians, nurses and administrators can access key information for the AQ programme. The second is the workspace just for the core AQ team. Many aren’t based in the main office and are working at other Trusts, so this provides us with a secured platform to use as a shared drive for the internal team,” said Lindsay.

Security is a very important factor for Advancing Quality. Huddle has pan government accreditation at IL2 it provides a secure platform on which the organisation can host its content. The AQ team can also control permissions on each document to easily manage the different content in the two workspaces.

“Huddle has definitely helped us speed things up and cut down on administration time. We can now review documents, send for approvals and assign tasks all in one go,” said Lindsay. “Not only this but it’s been really simple to use and we’ve been surprised at how easy it was to get people up and running on it.” Huddle is being used by Advancing Quality as it continues to manage the programme and expand into new focus areas. 

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