At Huddle, we’re big believers in the fact that collaboration isn’t just about working with the people sitting at the desk next to you, or even teams in other departments, it is about being able to share information with your entire business community – internal teams, customers, partners, suppliers and contractors.

One of the challenges faced by organizations today is that traditional collaboration services, like SharePoint, lock information and people in silos. Designed in a pre-internet era with the purpose of keeping content inside the firewall and the outside world, out, such legacy systems make connecting everyone that needs to work together virtually impossible or very costly.

As more enterprises realize cloud computing benefits, the business ecosystems that people need to collaborate securely and effectively with grow larger. Today, Huddle has launched its Unlimited Enterprise offering to accommodate the needs of enterprises. Recognizing that, with so many thousands of people to collaborate and work with, not all users need to be full users, Huddle’s Unlimited Enterprise offering enables lite users to be added to accounts for free. Lite users are the occasional users that need to dip in and out of Huddle to review and comment on documents. We’re trying to help collaboration, not hinder it and want to ensure that CIOs don’t have concerns about costs spiraling out of control.

Today, we’ve also unveiled our 99.9 per cent True Uptime™ money-back guarantee. Last year, Microsoft and Google both suffered high profile outages that saw people unable to access their content for hours at a time. And such outages weren’t just a one off occurrence as Andy highlighted in his posts last year.  With teams now working from any location, on any device, at any time of day, not being able to access and share information you need is simply not acceptable. As a true cloud company, we want to raise the bar for the industry and restore people’s faith in the cloud. We will financially compensate customers if we do not meet our 99.9 per cent uptime promise, rather than providing them with service credits.

And finally, not wanting to leave nonprofits out of the mix, we’ve extended our Huddle Donation Program so nonprofits of all sizes can benefit from cloud technology to connect their fundraising teams, volunteers and offices globally. If you’re a nonprofit and wish to find out more about getting a free Huddle package, read more here

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