At Brent Council, we’re responsible for a population of around 312,200. We want to ensure we’re using public services wisely, so we can deliver lasting benefits to the borough.

At the end of each year, the finance department prepares for the annual audit to demonstrate where funding and spending has gone on the local community throughout the year. It’s essential that we have the most up-to-date information to hand off to the Audit Commission.

Herding files from everywhere

We needed an online portal to bring together all of our files, which were spread over multiple inboxes and saved on people’s desktops. It was essential that it be accessible to external organizations—in this case the Audit Commission. We also needed a workspace that provided a clear audit trail of the most up-to-date documents for the financial audit.

Clearing the trail

With Huddle, we no longer have to waste valuable time looking for the content we need. We can just log straight into Huddle view and edit files in our workspace. For us, the most important feature is the version control, this provides a clear audit trail, showing who has downloaded or edited something. We can immediately find the right file, saving time spent hunting around the latest version of a document.

Before Huddle, we had to rely on email. Unfortunately, this led to the wrong versions of documents being shared and plenty of crossed wires when it came to communications across teams. We recognized the need for an online content collaboration platform and chose Huddle, because it was straightforward to use and didn’t require any extra training or infrastructure work.

Huddle has helped us to cut down on admin time. The Audit Commission was so impressed with Huddle, they’re going to recommend the platform to other local authorities for managing their audit processes as well.

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