The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) works to move decision-making power from central government to local councils. This helps put communities in charge of planning, increases accountability, and helps citizens to see how their money is being spent. 

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) was in the procurement stage of a project to deliver a new outsourced IT service, which would be shared with the Planning Inspectorate (PINS). With staff based in diverse geographical locations on tight schedules, DCLG decided to procure Huddle through the G-Cloud Framework, so project documentation could be shared. 

Representatives from DCLG, PINS and third-party organizations needed to access a number of documents throughout the procurement stage of the ICT Relet Project. Easy access to an online platform was required, so multiple users could share and collaborate on important documents throughout the process. “We needed to ensure each representative could access the most up-to-date documentation quickly and easily,” explains Danny Fairbrass, DCLG ICT Programme Office Manager. Documents were being updated constantly and we needed to keep track of current versions so they could be shared with colleagues. Huddle was the perfect tool for doing this.”

Up, running, and accelerating in next to no time

Huddle provides users with a web-based login, so content can be accessed from any internet-connected device, regardless of location. Before Huddle, DCLG would have to give each team member access to a shared drive. This proved very time consuming and not very practical on such limited timelines.

“Huddle provided us with a much easier alternative. It’s much quicker to set up and we could get up and running straightaway. Speed was essential for us as we were working towards tight deadlines. DCLG was able to purchase Huddle through the G-Cloud Framework, which provides the public sector with access to pre-approved technology to shorten procurement time, and is a much more straightforward process.” says Fairbrass.

Version control makes all the difference

Huddle is pan-government accredited at IL2, providing DCLG and PINS with a secure platform to collaborate and share information. DCLG and PINS could keep an audit trail of who accessed and edited a document, making sure they were working from the most current version every time. Fairbrass goes on to explain, “Version control was one of the most important features for us. We needed to turn around documents very quickly, and these needed to be reviewed by a number of different people in various locations.”

A smarter, safer way to work together

The ICT Relet project required a number of people to review, evaluate, and score sections of the supplier bids. With Huddle, DCLG was able to set up workspaces, allowing the necessary staff to access the information that was relevant to them. DCLG was able to set the permission levels for each document to maintain security levels.

“It was a complex process and we were working towards tight deadlines to complete the procurement stage of the ICT Relet project, so it was all hands to the pump. Huddle helped to ensure all deadlines were met,” continues Fairbrass.

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