Work Together

Better collaboration, better project management, and better results.  Simplify everything across internal and external teams.


Work Together

Collaborate more freely

Huddle makes it easy to collaborate on the work that really matters. It’s one place, in the cloud, to share ideas, work on documents and manage projects with teams inside and outside of your organization.

Across the firewall
Secure, easy to use, workspaces allow you to share and collaborate on files with anyone, even if they’re outside of your firewall.

Stay organized
Fast, efficient workflow to manage tasks, set approvals, and track versions.

Keep teams on track
Follow projects with a real-time activity stream, share ideas and comment to keep teams productive and to see who’s accessing or editing your documents.

One place to help you meet your milestones

Combining powerful workflow tools with the ability to work seamlessly across devices and virtual teams, Huddle allow syou to unify tasks, content, approvals, and team communication within a single dashboard.

Customized workspaces

Secure, easy to use, branded and synced connworkspaces allow you to share and collaborate on files with anyone, even if they’re outside of your firewall.

Task management

Add tasks and request approvals around your content. Keep track of workflow from your desktop or mobile device.

Single source of truth

Control document versions across large project teams, and ensure teams always have access to the most current version of all your content.

Intelligent controls

A real-time activity stream keeps you connected to the conversation, and an intelligent dashboard ensures you’re always up-to-date with the latest documents and actions. 

Intelligent content

Huddle’s intelligent dashboard surfaces the content and tasks that are important to you and your project milestones. 


Real-time activity streams and full version histories let you see who’s accessing and editing your content.

  • Control project content: manage access rights across individuals or teams, both within and outside of your organization.
  • Instantly revoke access across all user devices.

Our teams have been able to take on more bid work with the same size of team than before by using Huddle – so the volume of what they work on has gone up.”

Greet Brosens | Group Sales Director | Adecco

We wanted something tried and tested by other governmental organisations that would work straight out of the box. Following our extensive market research, it was clear that Huddle provided the best results and value for money for what we were looking for."

Peter Arevad | Government of Greenland

Everything is just easier with Huddle, it’s had a tangible impact on the productivity of the program and eliminated many of the administration headaches often associated with coordinating large volumes of activity across multiple agencies."

Claudia Hoellwarth | Practice Leader | Porter Novelli

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