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#1 SharePoint Alternative

Whether your organization is already using SharePoint or you’re looking for a better option, Huddle is the perfect SharePoint alternative. As you may already know, SharePoint suffers from incredibly low adoption. Thousands of users say they dislike using it. As a result, users find a work around—faster, easier ways to accomplish the same thing. This can turn your ROI upside down.

SharePoint is also known for being expensive and difficult to administer—an unwieldy beast, wearing an outrageous price tag. But you may already know that. If you haven’t adopted SharePoint, it’s a good idea to use a SharePoint Calculator to see the total cost of deployment and the operations of software and hardware that stretch far beyond licensing prices. On the flipside, Huddle is the most powerful, reasonably-priced SharePoint alternative available.

Key Benefits

Pick it up in a day, use it all the time

Huddle can be deployed in a matter of minutes, compared to SharePoint, which takes months and months. Usage spreads quickly across your department and can easily continue across your entire organization. People proactively use Huddle because it’s powerful, yet easy to learn and use every day. Huddle’s remarkably intuitive design is one of the major reasons Huddle is the #1 SharePoint alternative. It’s engineered to be the kind of content collaboration environment we all want to use.


Peace of mind - all of your content is under lock and key

Built with enterprise and government-grade security, Huddle meets and exceeds most security requirements. In fact, over 100,000 organizations all over the world use Huddle every day, including the US and UK government. When you’ve set up a workspace, only users you’ve invited are allowed access to any of your content—without exception. Your sensitive, confidential files are stored and shared in a bulletproof environment. Multiple levels of security protocols make Huddle one of the most secure SharePoint alternatives ever created.


No application maintenance or hardware to worry about

Huddle is in the cloud. This is a SharePoint alternative that needs no development. There are no updates or patches to install. There is no on-premise hardware to run. No more headaches. Nothing to figure out. No more time-wasted. Huddle simply sends you notifications on what’s happening with our service to keep you in the loop. If and when you need support, Huddle’s helpdesk is second to none. We also offer realtime information on uptime, statistics, and new release dates


Mobile, social, and cross-firewall sharing straightaway

Share files securely with clients, agencies, and anyone outside of your organization. Huddle makes it easy for you to create, share, edit, and collaborate on content, whether you’re at your desk or on the move. Access your files, folders, and workspaces from your smartphone or tablet. Everyone you’re working with can provide feedback no matter where they are, whether on a train, at the bus stop, or out for coffee. Huddle’s mobile apps automatically update and show you all the content relevant to you,


ROI in 90 days

SharePoint is loaded with hidden costs and plagued by low user adoption. Huddle pricing is transparent and all-inclusive, so you get a clear picture of your total cost of ownership straightaway. Our Customer Success Team ensures that your team is up and running with all the right know-how to start using Huddle immediately and for years to come. In fact, we’re so confident that everyone will be using Huddle in the first 90 days that we offer a money-back guarantee. No other SharePoint alternative can say that.

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