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Huddle takes the pain out of bulk document collection, so you save time and keep work on track.


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simple bulk file requests

Simple file collection

  • Work at scale.  Forget having to request files one at a time through email. With Huddle, you can request up to 500 files at a time, with assignees automatically notified of new requests.

  • Easy for clients. There are no special software requirements. Files can be dragged directly into the browser, where they are automatically added to your Workspace. 

  • Large files. File size limitations are a thing of the past, with uploads of up to 10GB supported.

missed deadlines are caused by delays in collecting files

Improve productivity

  • Collate work. Request files from colleagues and clients and receive them automatically in your Huddle Workspace.

  • Save time. Using File Request, the collection of files is easier, more secure, and up to 80% more efficient.

  • More control. Compared to email, Huddle offers greater control over document collection, so you can maintain the integrity of sensitive data at all times. 

Track progress

  • Keep track of requests.  Huddle takes the hard work away from you by providing a real-time overview and status of outstanding requests.

  • Automatically chase requests. Huddle even cuts the frustration out of chasing for files by automatically sending reminders to assignees on your behalf. 

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