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File Sharing

Liberate your files. One click securely shares content with individuals, teams, customers and partners.


File Sharing

Safely share outside the firewall

Huddle allows you to work seamlessly across devices and teams, letting you securely share files with anyone, even if they’re outside of your firewall.

Simple and secure
One-click, secure cloud-sharing from your desktop or mobile device.

Version control
No more sorting through email attachments.  Huddle ensures everyone has access to the latest version of content, across all their devices.

Always synchronized
Work offline and automatically sync to all your devices when you reconnect.

Share with confidence

Huddle is built for business and secure by design. Set permissions, manage versions and create audit trails to keep your sensitive files secure and organized.

Set Permissions
Control who can access files. Instantly revoke access across all devices.

Keep track
Full audit trails and administrative controls ensure that you know exactly who’s accessing your content and from where.

Stay organized
Create public links or organize files within secure workspaces to easily share and manage documents.

Stay productive

Files shouldn’t be locked away on hard drives or lost in old emails. Huddle’s secure-cloud delivers instant access to the files that you need, when you need them.

More than just file-sharing
Add tasks and request approvals around your documents. Keep track of workflow from your desktop or mobile device.

Intelligent sharing
Keep track with a real-time activity stream to see who’s accessing or editing your documents and let Huddle recommend new files that you might need.

Store and share large media files, preview galleries and stream video content.

Huddle is very intuitive—it’s the ‘LinkedIn’ of collaboration platforms. When we work together on a project, no time is wasted learning the system; people are productive almost immediately."


Ria Aird | Business Development Co-ordinator | Baker Tilly International

With Huddle, we can work with our partners content, safe in the knowledge that it meets their security requirements.  The way in which everyone stores, shares and collaborates on working documents has significantly improved with Huddle."


Jonathan Barwick | Bid Manager | Keolis

With Huddle, we can produce end results faster than ever."

Kevin Hamilton | Managing Director | BRG

Huddle gives us a simple, secure online workspace containing powerful project and collaboration tools.  We can share content securely with third parties, while the mobile functionality ensures teams are never more than minutes away from taking action.  The technology is a real game - changer."

Mark Taylor | Head of UK & Ireland Bids | Adecco Group

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