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Huddle task management overview

One place to help you meet your milestones

Workspace Overview
Branded, customizable cloud-based workspaces contain all of your project content and tasks. See task deadlines on a calendar view to track project completion.

Powerful task management
Request approvals around tasks, assign tasks to internal & external teammates, and track task completion through activity streams, notifications, and the calendar view. 

Enhanced Visibility
See all the tasks assigned to each of your team members, and filter or group tasks with custom labels to personalize your workflow.

Huddle Task Management Intelligent Controls

Intelligent controls

Intuitive Tasks

In one click you can create and assign tasks to your team, then filter them by due date, late tasks or task holders


Automatic reminders let your team know when deadlines are approaching or are overdue.

Attach Files to Tasks

Is your task related to a file? Keep your files attached to the tasks they are dependent on and access your task files with a single click.

Huddle Task Management for mobile devices

Task Anyone With Anything, From Anywhere

Mobile freedom
Your mobile device has become a powerful productivity tool, and managing your tasks on the go has become increasingly necessary. Huddle’s beautiful mobile apps make this simple. 

Tasks + Approvals

Create and assign tasks for colleagues or partners, and manage approvals right from the app 

Everything In Sync

Never duplicate work ever again: all your tasks, files, and approvals automatically stay synced across all your devices thanks to Huddle Desktop and our mobile apps. Strict version control for files prevents work from getting lost or being done twice. 

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