In your efforts to better serve your customers, it’s more than likely that internal initiatives are being driven by cross-functional and cross-organizational teams. Sharing information between teams has become the norm. In fact, today, as part of their day-to-day jobs, 27% of employees collaborate with six to 10 other employees, while 19% collaborate with 26 or more coworkers[1].

But take a closer look. Are these cross-functional teams actually able to collaborate effectively, or are they still having to hop between multiple internal applications and data repositories just to get their work done? Shifting demographics, cross-organizational initiatives, and Agile approaches are changing the way information workers do their jobs. Information and communication must be instantly available and contextually rich.

It’s a challenge that’s driving demand for a more seamless employee experience in the workplace, and as a result, a new market that brings together task management and collaboration has emerged. Collaborative Work Management (CWM) tools enable employees to address both needs in the same application. Forrester Research’s latest report (Vendor Landscape: Collaborative Work Management For The Enterprise), describes this emerging market and highlights how CWM tools, like Huddle, can enable teams to work together effectively.

“Unfortunately, once they perform a task, 75% of employees must move outside of the applications they’re working in to relay the analysis via voice, email, or chat, breaking the audit trail of information and clogging email inboxes[2].”

Does that sound familiar? If so, Forrester Research’s latest report, "Vendor Landscape: Collaborative Work Management For The Enterprise" provides insight into the demands of today’s information workers and the nascent Collaborative Work Management landscape. 


[1][2] Forrester Research: Vendor Landscape: Collaborative Work Management For The Enterprise

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