Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust was established to help those affected by mental health problems, as well as their families and carers. It has won national and international awards for the care and treatment it provides. 

Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust case study

Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (BSMHFT) is dedicated to raising awareness of mental health and removing the stigma that is associated with it. The Trust has more than 12,000 members that support the work of the Trust. The award-winning Trust cares for patients across the Birmingham and Solihull region and beyond, providing a wide range of in-patient and specialist mental health services. The Trust needed an online collaboration platform which would enable it to work securely and effectively with organisations across the firewall.

“Although we had SharePoint in place, we needed a tool that would help us to easily collaborate and share information with external organisations. Other solutions such as Dropbox simply aren’t secure enough to share the data we wanted to. So we were looking for something new that would boost collaboration, but also provide the security standards we required, when Huddle came along,” explained Stephen Asante-Boakye, ICT Technical Specialist, Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Huddle enables organisations to collaborate across the firewall and, thanks to its intuitive interface, it doesn’t require any training.

Huddle is pan-government accredited at IL2 and the platform offers the Trust secure any time, any place access to information without installing additional hardware. “Huddle’s security credentials were very important to us.” said Stephen.

“Huddle is used by a number of other government organisations, with gave us peace of mind that we were using a trusted technology. External contractors are often surprised by how secure Huddle is in comparison to some of the other online tools that are out there.”

Staff at the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust use Huddle’s whiteboards, tasks and comment functionality to collaborate on documents. Huddle’s version control means that staff can be safe in the knowledge that they are always using the most recent version of each document.

“At first we just used Huddle as a secure file storage platform but very quickly staff, both clinical and corporate, realised the potential Huddle had for managing projects. It became very popular in a short space of time,” said Stephen.

The Trust uses Huddle to collaborate with internal teams and external agencies for project management, redesigning services and contract management.

“We have a lot of teams using Huddle on numerous projects and it has helped us to streamline activity. With its email notifications, staff are kept up to date on any projects they are working on,” explained Stephen.

Staff at the Trust selected Huddle to make it easier for the Trust and partner organisations to work together. The CIO wanted to find a platform that would allow them to easily share ideas and had been recommend Huddle by another NHS Trust.

“Huddle has been a great vehicle to transfer data from one Trust to another. Prior to Huddle, this was like sharing things between Pepsi and Coke. Huddle has enabled us to smooth out the sharing process and pave the way for more effective collaboration. This has been integral to developing relationships between other trusts and organisations,” said Stephen.

“We plan to use Huddle for on-going project work and will be expanding our usage. The support has been fantastic, the customer support team has travelled to the Trust to walk us through the product and has got back to us in minutes when we have raised a query online,” Stephen concludes.

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