The British Institute of Facilities Management is the natural home of facilities management in the UK. Founded in 1993, the Institute provides information, education, training and networking services for more than 12,000 members – both individual professionals and organizations.

The British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) has been providing information, education, training and networking services for more than 12,000 members since 1993. In March 2008, BIFM was recognized as an Awarding Organization. Prior to the 2010 launch of a new flexible suite of professional qualifications in Facilities Management, accredited on the Qualifications and Credit Framework, BIFM ran traditional examinations. Twice a year, candidates had the opportunity to sit a three hour narrative paper at an examination venue. The scripts were transported backwards and forwards by couriers between the venues, BIFM and the examiners and BIFM was responsible for keeping track of the paperwork in the event of any scripts going missing. With the launch of the new qualifications, greater recognition has been given for work-based learning and learners that are combining study with a demanding job benefit from increased flexibility. Specific units, relevant to occupational roles and industry requirements, can be undertaken at recognised tuition centres nationwide and overseas. People can do units at their own pace and in their own time via face-to-face or distance learning. To successfully run the new program, BIFM has to securely collaborate with two key stakeholders: the examiners that mark the assessment papers and the eight recognised centres. Huddle was selected as the most suitable tool for the job. Linda Hausmanis, Head of Qualifications, BIFM, explains: “Email is not a secure communication channel and we simply can’t have assessment papers and marking criteria to-ing and fro-ing through the ether. With eight examiners nationwide who have the required expertise and knowledge to mark assessment papers against the criteria, a secure platform was required to send them learners’ papers. Similarly, the marked documents needed to be returned safely and an audit trail kept.” During the development of the new processes, a consultant hired by BIFM recommended Huddle to the IT manager. Keen to deploy a new document management system, BIFM has adopted huddle across all of BIFM’s teams. “Huddle is secure, easy to access and simple to use. The file structure is straightforward and working with the examiners and centres is now more efficient,” Linda continues. “All the required documentation is in a central place and we don’t have to worry about large attachments crashing our email systems or landing in our junk box. Managing nine qualifications across 57 units, all with different examiners, I can now set granular permissions and know that only the relevant people can view or amend certain documents.”

Impressed with BIFM’s use of Huddle, a number of centres are now using it to run distance learning packages and create online forums. With the number of BIFM-recognized tuition centres set to double, uptake of Huddle will continue to increase.

Huddle provides next-generation content collaboration for government & enterprise. Its patent-pending intelligent technology ensures relevant content is delivered directly to Huddle users, with no need to search. Business units of any size work more efficiently by huddling together within an online secure cloud service accessed via web browsers, desktop or mobile devices. Co-headquartered in London and San Francisco and with offices in New York City, Huddle’s customers include 80 percent of Fortune 500 and 80 percent of UK government departments, as well as companies such as Kia Motors, Driscolls, the BBC and PwC. The company is privately held and backed by venture capital firms DAG Ventures, Eden Ventures, Matrix Partners and Jafco Ventures. More information can be found at

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