Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest and best known hospitals in the UK. The Trust comprises of Addenbrooke’s and Rosie Hospitals, offering general and specialist and women’s and maternity care respectively. The Trust is a leading national centre for specialist treatment for rare or complex conditions and a well-known and respected centre for teaching and research.

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Case Study

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest in the UK, made up of Addenbrooke’s and Rosie Hospitals. As well as delivering specialist care, it is a leading teaching Trust. The Trust is looking to review all of its processes and update them with new technologies. In order to carry out such a huge project, it needed a secure platform to store vital information and coordinate activity across the site. “We are completely overhauling the processes at the Trust and looking to implement new systems, which require both hardware and software innovations. We needed a platform to coordinate the deployment and usher in a new way of working,” explained Tony Saward, Project Manager, configuration and communication. “Huddle was recommended to us by one of our team who had used it before. We trialled it and it ticked all the boxes so decided to roll it out to support the project.” Prior to Huddle, teams were trying to coordinate projects using email and documents stored on a server. However, working with a number of people across a variety of external organisations such as Papworth Hospital, HP and Epic, the Trust needed a more effect tool that would enable them to collaborate across the firewall. “Huddle has allowed everyone involved in the project to securely access content from anywhere. We have people moving from site to site and, as Huddle is web-based, they can access documents from different locations. Security is also high priority for us, which is why we wanted a tool built for enterprises and government organisations and not a consumer one.” explained Tony

Huddle provides enterprise and government-grade security and has pan-government accreditation at IL2. Huddle’s security policies mean only those who have been invited can access content. Its audit control tools show who has accessed, downloaded and edited what document and when, providing a clear audit trail to keep track of each file. “We’re very pleased with Huddle. It does what it says on the tin, which is very important for us in the healthcare sector. It’s easy to use and the customer success team were very helpful in getting everything up and running,” said Tony.

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