When SharePoint caused issues with information management, Carnahan Group turned to Huddle

Carnahan Group is a strategic healthcare advisory firm that has consulted with the world’s largest health organizations in the areas of community needs assessments, fair market valuations, transactions and strategic planning. 

In order to determine the best strategies for each individual client, Carnahan Group uses both qualitative and quantitative measures, performing rigorous analyses to deliver the best individualized strategic planning options for each client.

Carnahan Group has built a reputation for innovation as an entrepreneurial organization. Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the continuous improvement of both internal and client-facing processes - so collaboration is key. The company is quick to embrace new technology and is an established user of collaborative software. However, the rapid growth of the client base left their original choice of software struggling to cope.

“Providing consulting services to the healthcare sector means we handle a large volume of work for major hospitals. A collaborative approach is essential, and with our business growing, we found that our use of SharePoint, our initial provider, was causing us issues with information management. There was a lot of downtime – and ten minutes’ tech downtime can mean hours of affected working time, so we were losing a lot of money simply through our technology selection,” said Meghan Ryan,  Analyst at Carnahan Group.


“We looked at FilePro, M-Files, Filevault, Filelocker, Dropbox amongst others, but they were really just storage tools – we needed the ability to collaborate"


“To find the best replacement, we created internal teams to research the market alternatives,” Ryan added. “We looked at FilePro, M-Files, Filevault, Filelocker, Dropbox amongst others, but our team felt that they were really just storage tools – we needed the ability to collaborate. In our opinion, these programs weren’t as intuitive or user-friendly as Huddle, which our team chose as our winner. We trialled Huddle internally, gave demos to the other teams and Huddle came out the clear winner. We have been using it across the company since summer 2015.” Associate Analyst, Michael Kuck was involved in the evaluation of Huddle during the trial period. 

“Huddle’s ease of use is just incredible and definitely the biggest benefit,” said Kuck. “Once we had voted as a company to use Huddle, we had our site up and running in less than a week. It’s self-explanatory, and the online video training is really effective. We have also been well supported by the Customer Success team and the Huddle helpdesk.”

Huddle has brought a range of immediate benefits to Carnahan Group. The teams use Huddle to track and monitor different projects, and the collaborative features mean various subject matter experts can easily input and contribute their different areas of expertise to projects. In addition, Huddle’s timeline tracking has transformed internal processes, speed of task completion and standard operating procedures. Everything is now streamlined and tracked – there’s no opportunity for error.


“Huddle’s ease of use is just incredible and definitely the biggest benefit” 


“Security is absolutely a priority,” added Ryan. “We deal with many different regulations with large hospital systems, legal teams, regulators and compliance departments. Huddle’s certifications mean we can even use the system for subpoenas. During a recent discovery process, our use of SharePoint was compared to a box of receipts. We have utilized Huddle to eliminate this problem and apply internal procedures to aid in document production.” Carnahan Group has also seen a significant reduction in the number of emails generated around each project, as all information is held securely within Huddle. “It has made us much more transparent,” said Ryan. “Everyone is a workspace manager – we have access to all comments and tasks, and the workflow is much more efficient.”

Marketing Specialist, Erica Hammond, is also enthusiastic about the ease of use. “Huddle is so accessible – I used to waste ten minutes of my day just getting into SharePoint. Huddle also makes it so simple to upload documents. This has really helped in encouraging everyone (including me!) to store everything in Huddle rather than relying on our desktops and email folders – both of which had become the norm because of how difficult the use of SharePoint had become.” 

“We’re going to continue to use Huddle as widely as we can to upgrade our processes and make the company as efficient and effective as possible,” said Ryan.

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