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The European Travel Commission (ETC) is the umbrella organisation for 32 European national tourist boards. Based in Brussels, the main task of the ETC is to promote Europe as a travel and tourist destination to key long haul markets, and to assist member National Tourist Offices (NTOs) in the exchange of data and knowledge. Established in 1948, the ETC is a non-profit organisation funded by its members, and runs the Visit Europe travel portal.

Given its need to create, share and store so much information for internal use, while also co-operating externally with so many NTOs and other external bodies, having access to a functional and reliable collaboration platform is key to the ETC’s daily workings. For example the ETC’s research department is building a library of documentation for use and reference throughout the organisation and its external partners, while the marketing team shares detailed market research for the travel sector externally with the NTOs. The ETC also co-operates with other bodies such as the European Tourism Association (ETOA) on joint research publications for the European travel and tourism market. 

To handle all of this information sharing, the ETC had been using a matured document management platform, but admin requirements, and hosting and licence costs led the ETC to look elsewhere for a more efficient and cost-effective collaboration platform. The search for a new solution was the responsibility of Güneş Vural, online marketing manager for the ETC.

“The existing platform was becoming outdated as well as expensive,” said Vural. “Uploading and downloading documents, and engaging with other users was too complicated for those unfamiliar with online collaboration.”

“We saw Huddle being used by other public organisations, and that was a big plus factor for us, as well as the opportunity to have a comprehensive trial,” continued Vural. “With Huddle, everything made sense. It was easy to set up and I can manage and supervise the service without having to rely on additional resources – so the choice was made.”

The ETC retired the pre-existing platform as soon as Huddle was implemented. Huddle and the ETC worked together to roll-out user training, and after only a couple of weeks all users were familiar with Huddle, using it to a professional standard across their workgroups. The whole process took less than two months.


“With Huddle, everything made sense. It was easy to set up and I can manage and supervise the service without having to rely on additional resources – so the choice was made.”


Today the ETC has some 50 people actively engaged with Huddle, with between 10 and 15 workspaces active at any one time.

Security is important to organisations such as the ETC. “We are working with information where we have to restrict visibility only to our members, so we need to control distribution and availability. With Huddle, we feel safe,” explained Vural.

With a terabyte of space, there’s more than enough capacity to expand. It is likely that the ETC will grow as an organisation, and will need further collaboration capabilities with private companies. As projects change, the ETC may use Huddle for collaboration on videos and other media formats, as well as utilising it as a CRM tool.

“Huddle has been invaluable for us. We’ve seen functionality and security increase, and we’ve realised an initial 30 per cent cost saving,” said Vural. #

“For me, the stand-out benefits of Huddle are the simplicity of sharing documents, and the ability to engage with the online marketing managers of the tourist boards,” concludes Vural. “The entire team has access and setting up workspaces is far easier compared to SharePoint. It’s just better overall as an interface. Simply, using Huddle to work together makes life easier.”

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