The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) is the national housing and regeneration agency for England. It contributes to economic growth by helping communities to realise their aspirations for prosperity and to deliver high-quality housing that people can afford.

In April 2012 the HCA joined with the Tenant Services Authority (TSA) and took on the role of the social housing regulator. As well as the additional responsibilities, the HCA also needed to find a way to quickly and easily incorporate 200 new staff into the workforce. Although the two organisations shared a building, IT systems were not shared and therefore the only way to share information and documents was via email, which was far from ideal.

Iain Forsyth, a senior business analyst at the HCA, was aware of Huddle and its use elsewhere in government and started to investigate it as a possible way to make this transition easier. He comments: “The information shared between members of staff was sensitive and therefore security was incredibly important. Of all the cloud based systems we looked at, only Huddle offered the type of security that wasn’t just important but mandatory.”

He continues: “Although we originally started using Huddle for the TSA transition we have gone on to use it for further projects that require collaboration with external organisations.”

April 2012 also saw the move of 50 of the HCA staff over to the Greater London Authority (GLA). However the group of people who moved still needed to be in close communication with the HCA. Huddle has enabled the two groups to easily share documents and organise meetings, easing this transition. 

The ‘Get Britain Building’ programme, which provides investment to unlock stalled building sites also uses Huddle. The due diligence that is required when developers are applying for funding requires large volumes of information and documents to be submitted. The HCA needed a way to manage this process and, most importantly, do so in such a way that the developers were not able to see each other’s documents. HCA worked closely with Huddle to set up multiple workspaces, where developers only had access to their own folder, but the internal people who were managing the process had access to all 150+ workspaces. 

Huddle is now the main platform for external collaboration at the HCA. Forsyth comments: “My role within the organisation is to provide solutions to issues that people are facing when it comes to technology. Huddle is the default option I offer when it comes to external collaboration. The security offered is unrivalled and it is also easy to use and scale for our needs.”

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