The Information Standards Board (ISB) for Education, Skills and Children’s Services is the authority for all data and information standards in England. It develops data and information standards to aid front line delivery, improve efficiency, reduce costs and minimise bureaucracy.

Information Standards Board case study

The Information Standards Board (ISB) for Education, Skills and Children’s Services provides standards that are essential to support frontline staff. It works with a number of organisations in the sector to develop these core standards, which bring enormous benefits to the education, skills and children’s services sector. By implementing the same standards across the sector, costs of developing and delivering sector programmes and solutions are dramatically reduced, saving an estimated £25 million a year.

“We work with a large number of organisations in the education, skills and children’s services sector, for example, the Higher Education Statistics Agency and The Information Authority, to develop standards. We needed an online portal which everyone involved in the consultation process could access and use to collaborate in the development and implementation stages,” explains Heather Neufville, Business Manager, Information Standards Board. 

Huddle enables secure collaboration across the firewall

Huddle provides a cloud-based platform for the ISB to upload and manage all content for the delivery of information standards. As Huddle provides access across the firewall, any number of external organisations can be given access to the platform to discuss and collaborate on key documents.

“We had an internal system but it required detailed levels of authentication, which were impractical when we wanted to engage with stakeholders from across the different sectors and suppliers,” continued Neufville. “We chose Huddle because it provides a quick and easy registration process, combined with the confidence that comes with pan-government accreditation at IL2.”

Easy to use interface streamlines processes

With Huddle, all organisations approved by the ISB can get instant access to the platform by simply logging in to the online portal. The ISB can then create various workspaces for those involved in different parts of the consultation. With its security controls, Huddle ensures that the ISB can choose who has access to which workspaces and documents.

“By cutting down registration time, we can streamline processes and help speed up other areas of the programme,” said Neufville. “Huddle has helped us to consult and share information quickly with our stakeholders.

Huddle’s audit control and document management features have proved to be an extremely useful feature for the ISB, allowing them to see who was accessed and edited documents and when. This enables them to easily find the most up to date version of each document, saving valuable time during the consultation process.

“Huddle was originally recommended to us by colleagues working on the Cabinet Office’s Public Services Network Programme. We now have 25 workspaces and almost 300 users collaborating across the Education, Skills and Children’s Services Sector,” concluded Neufville.

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