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Interserve is one of the world’s foremost support services and construction companies. Based in the UK, it operates in the public and private sectors internationally. It offers consultancy and operational services, such as equipment and facilities management, to underpin society’s infrastructure.

Interserve provides support services to public and private sector organisations worldwide, offering consultancy and operational solutions. In the UK, Interserve manages and delivers equipment and facilities management services to a number of large government organisations and, as such, it needed a secure platform to share reports and information with its customers.

Up and running with an easy to use platform

“We needed a portal where we could share information with our customers on a regular basis. It’s essential we keep them updated on compliance reports for the work we are doing onsite,” said Ian Harris, Divisional Head of IT, Interserve. “We have used SharePoint in the past, but it was quite difficult to manage and required a lot of explanation to set up. We needed something that was simple to use and didn’t require extensive training.”

Interserve was keen to adopt a collaboration tool to create a central hub for sharing important updates on sustainability and compliance, as well as monthly reports and presentations with each of its customers. SharePoint wasn’t the easy to use service the organisation was hoping for, so Interserve started looking at alternative options.

“One of our customers was already using Huddle to share information with us. Once we saw how easy it was to use, we started using it for a number of other customers. We now use it for all of our public bodies and contract agencies, as well as for our internal HR and finance teams,” explains Harris.


“Huddle’s growth has been viral through the company, customers and staff involved in the same projects have seen how easy it is to use and then wanted it for other areas they are working on.”


Version control was a particularly important function for Interserve as the reports are updated regularly and it is essential that each organisation is working from the most up to date one to avoid confusion and miscommunication.

“Huddle has really changed the way we work. We needed an environment where we could share data with customers and Huddle gives us that. It’s very simple to use, which is essential for us as many people using it are operational staff and don’t have technical backgrounds. It was quick to get up and running so staff could start using it straight away, adding new workspaces for each contract,” said Harris.

Mobile apps enable flexible working

“We have a flexible working policy, so a number of staff can work on the move. With Huddle’s mobile apps, they can securely access their workspaces from anywhere, on the train into work or in between meetings.”

Huddle is pan government accredited at IL2 so all information is stored safely and securely. This has removed adoption barriers for Interserve to get Huddle up and running as a business tool. Customers felt confident using a platform that was already widely adopted by public sector organisations. 

“Huddle’s growth has been viral through the company, customers and staff involved in the same projects have seen how easy it is to use and then wanted it for other areas they are working on,” said Harris.



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