Keolis is a Franco‐Québécois private operator of public transport. The company manages bus, metro, tramways and coach networks, rental bikes, car parks, boat shuttles, cable cars, trolley buses and airport services in 16 countries across the globe. Based in Paris, the company is 70%‐owned by the SNCF and 30%‐owned by the Caisse de Dépôt et placement du Québec. 

“Huddle has been the backbone to the success of our tendering team.”

Thomas Veitch, Head of Bid Management, Keolis UK

Challenge: Fragmented file storage and poor collaboration leading to costly delays 

To maintain its competitive advantage and manage tenders with partners across the globe, the Keolis UK team wanted a more effective way to collaborate on complex bids

Siloed knowledge bases and content systems meant it was hard to access reference materials and coordinate team effort. In addition, consolidating feedback and managing version control across bid documents proved to be time consuming and often resulted in version conflicts and delays. Finally, with many of its bids exceeding 100MB in size, mailbox restrictions and security firewalls meant that staff had to default to less secure applications in order to send sensitive documentation to stakeholders outside of the organization’s firewall. 

These issues were not only damaging to accuracy and productivity, but they were also putting deadlines and security at risk. 

The Solution

After a competitive process, Keolis chose Huddle to provide secure cloud‐based Workspaces where bid teams could coordinate and manage their bid activity with colleagues across multiple Keolis functions and countries; as well as with stakeholders outside of the organization. 

Speeding up the process for collecting, organizing and working on documents 

Huddle has revolutionised how the company approaches tenders and has helped speed the process of organizing and searching for documents. It has also made it simple to request and collate reference materials and submissions from the bid team and the client, helping the team to communicate more effectively during this important phase of the bid process. 

Coordinated team activity 

The team can edit, view, add comments and request feedback on open documents in Huddle, and benefit from its integration with Microsoft Office Online – allowing teams to easily co‐edit content. As well as this, Huddle’s automatic version control means that everyone always has access to the most up to date version of the file. 

Robust security ensuring the integrity of client data 

Importantly, Keolis can now maintain a secure, time‐stamped audit trail of activity against all content and tasks. It also satisfies potential NDA requirements to track and delete confidential bid reference documents. The company has full transparency with regards to who has access to the documentation, with Huddle allowing workspace managers to easily change user permissions if a member of the team leaves the organization. 

Quick deployment across the teams due to ease of use 

Keolis UK found it simple to get up and running and roll‐out Huddle out across its teams. New starters and partners also have clear insight into project progress and have access to the relevant documentation associated with each bid, which accelerates the process. Keolis UK now hopes to extend the use of Huddle across other business units and use it as its central digital platform enabling teams to better collaborate on projects. 


Knowledge sharing that has led to successful commercial wins 

The Keolis UK team is leading digital transformation across the company; revolutionizing how it works as a business, improving security around sensitive bids, and creating a more collaborative and efficient culture around bid management. Other Keolis offices around the world are now looking to replicate the success of the UK team, which has used Huddle to increase the number of contracts that it has been awarded; including its recent Transport for Wales win alongside Amey. 

Enhancing operational efficiencies post‐bid and improving client engagement 

The company has also been able to utilise Huddle as a client‐portal to manage ongoing operational work with clients and partners collaboratively after bids have been won, and the contract work begins. By using a Huddle workspace, it has enabled teams, both inside and outside the business to benefit from a shared environment where stakeholders can track progress, access key documents and securely collaborate with the project team. 


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