Logic specializes in providing business solutions through integrated expert technology implementation for the unique needs of tier-one and mid-market retail organizations.

To support client needs and drive the business forward, Logic Information System’s globally dispersed team of consultants demand instant, any time, anywhere collaboration. This simply wasn’t being delivered by the legacy document management platform that it had in place. 

“Logic had experienced significant growth with plans for continued expansion on a local as well as global scale,” explains Chad Erickson, Managing Partner, Logic Information Systems. “We could no longer manage interactions based on proximity and required a scalable, intuitive, and highlyavailable knowledge management and collaboration solution to satisfy the needs of a demanding and dispersed consulting team. Our current in-house solution experienced significant downtime and lacked many of the key features the team desired.”

As a result, staff decided to turn their attention towards the default option for collaboration: email.

“People were relying on email, despite all the issues associated with version content, email growth and the cost of storing the data,” says Kara Rowan, Marketing & Communications Specialist, Logic Information Systems. “They also stored files on their shared drives, editing the files each time and saving them with a new file name. All of this added to the cost and complexity of sharing content.”

With no single, coordinated place to save data and business productivity being undermined, it was time to act. Logic prepared a shortlist of alternative content collaboration platforms, which included Huddle, Microsoft SharePoint, Box, BaseCamp and Chatter.

“We quickly ruled out some of the tools because of the cost and complexity—it would have taken significant time and resource to get up and running,” states Jenell Scott, Senior Director of Operations, Logic Information Systems. “SharePoint is also designed for internal collaboration, whereas we needed a platform that opened collaboration up to our external network of partners, agencies and other third-parties.”

Huddle meanwhile ticked all the boxes:

“Huddle offers the ideal blend of cloud-based collaboration for cost-effectiveness, security, mobile integration and across-the-firewall connectivity. Huddle is quick and easy to implement and the simplest to use of all the alternatives we looked at,” Scott continues.

Supporting customer and revenue growth in the Oracle Retail space

Huddle is now the central document knowledge base for Logic’s dispersed team of consultants, and is the standard collaboration platform for approximately 250 users. Logic focuses its practice exclusively on the Oracle Retail Suite and the operational needs of retailers. Huddle enables the team to collaborate easily and seamlessly on every phase of a client project—including strategic consulting, business optimization, implementation, hosting and support.

“Huddle is brilliant and the client teams love it,” says Rowan. “For the first time, Logic has a central content and document repository for all the consultants, allowing them to standardize their methodology. Huddle also speeds up time-to-knowledge and employee ramping, while simultaneously increasing client service and reducing duplication of effort across the regions.”

Teams are now securely sharing every type of content—from templates and marketing materials, to internal policies, forms and project documents.

“The slide deck reporting on our quarterly performance is now shared via Huddle. Instead of emailing it to staff, they simply receive a link to the source in Huddle,” says Rowan. “People are now very confident about how and where to find the content they need to operate efficiently.”

Rowan has particular praise for the Huddle integration for Microsoft Office:

“Our teams can now save content directly to Huddle’s secure cloud, rather than save a file on the hard drive and upload it manually. From there they have the flexibility to edit the file, save their work, and notify a colleague without ever leaving Office. I couldn’t imagine life without Huddle now. Logic now has a ‘one stop shop’ for document management across the extended global organization. The cloud platform is immensely popular and straightforward. Collaboration couldn’t be easier,” Rowan concludes.

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