Megger designs and manufactures portable electric test equipment. The company’s products have helped customers all over the world to reduce costs and extend the life of apparatus. Megger’s products also help to anticipate equipment failure and future performance through trending and analysis. The company has offices all over the world and its manufacturing plants are located in the UK, Sweden, Germany and the USA.

Megger first produced electrical test equipment more than a hundred years ago and has grown to become a worldwide leader in electrical test equipment. Megger has an extensive global network of distributors and in some countries sells direct to end users and OEM’s. Sales personnel are supported by technical application specialists based in the field or at two major sites in the UK and USA. The company wanted to find a better way of sharing information and knowledge between the manufacturing sites and the sales organization. Jeremy Hewlett, Megger, explains:

“Previously, we were facilitating the sharing of knowledge via our intranet system. However, it wasn’t particularly flexible and there were a number of factors, such as the VPN and virus scanning, which were having a detrimental impact on data download speeds for internationally based sales people.”

“The key difficulty we had to overcome is that many of the sales team are geographically disparate from the manufacturing factories. What we needed was a flexible platform that people could access regardless of their location. It had to support knowledge transfer and help individuals learn more about the products they were selling – the majority of which are highly technical and complex. In short, we wanted to create a community where people could not only find the content they needed but also chat and swap ideas with peers,” Hewlett said. 

Initially, Megger looked at building its own business collaboration platform, but realised it would be limited by resource and cost. Instead the company decided to implement Huddle as it was internetbased and quick to get up and running. The company now has 80 workspaces on Huddle, hosting 5,000 files that include product specification information, product presentations, application notes and product videos. With offices in France, Germany, India, Singapore, South Africa, Moscow and the U.S. the ability to support multiple languages was also important to Megger. Using Huddle, it has created a database of knowledge that is auditable and searchable. 

Recently, Megger acquired SebaKMT and Hewlett believes that Huddle will play a key role in helping to integrate SebaKMT’s 400 employees into Megger.

“Previously, to provide all new employees with relevant information to help them get up to speed with our products would have been very hard going. Especially for those that are based furthest away from our manufacturing sites. Huddle provides a central resource for everyone to search and find the information relevant to their job role within the technical community.”

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