Meet Our Management Team

Mark Wrighton | Chief Executive Officer

Responsible for all facets of the Huddle business and accountable to the board of shareholders. Prior to Huddle, Mark held a number of successful senior management positions for high growth Silicon Valley companies in a career spanning almost two decades. His passion is building exceptional executive teams that transform companies, enable their customers to thrive and deliver significant enterprise value for shareholders.

Tim Deluca-Smith | Chief Marketing Officer

Tim is responsible for global marketing strategy, and oversees Huddle’s demand generation, communications, and sales enablement activities. Prior to his role at Huddle, Tim spent more than 20 years leading marketing teams, building high-performing marketing programs and developing SaaS brands. He has worked for technology companies including Xerox, WDS, and SmartTrust, and has consulted for some of Europe’s most exciting SaaS businesses.

Martin Saberton | Head of Growth

As a member of the Leadership team, Martin brings a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge to his role as Head of Growth at Huddle. He leads and directs the Product, Support, UX and UI teams. At Huddle, he is responsible for defining the vision for the product in order to ensure that financial and enterprise goals are met and works across commercial and technical teams to ensure that the company’s overall strategy and goals are supported by those of the product. Prior to working at Huddle, he held leadership positions in Marketing, Product and Operations in Glenigan and WDS. 

Jonathan Orford | Chief Technology Officer

With more than 17 years of experience in the technology industry, Jonathan leads Huddle’s technology team in his role as Chief Technology Officer. At the company, he plays a vital leadership role and is responsible for setting out the company’s technology strategy and architecture, ensuring we deliver value to our existing and new customers delivery. As well as this, he holds overall responsibility for the company’s architecture, security operations and IT systems. Prior to working at Huddle, Jonathan held leadership positions in several organizations including Macquarie, Visa, Over and Impact.

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