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Delivering a more collaborative advisory experience

Working within a global economy, advisory and management consulting professionals are expected to leverage the knowledge and expertise that exists across their business and demonstrate a global perspective. 

Delivering a more collaborative audit experience

In response to changing business and regulatory considerations, audit teams are continually striving to deliver greater client value, while managing the need for consistency and quality, and the desire to find increased efficiencies in their own working practices. 

Will Office 365 Meet Your Needs?

Can Office 365 met your needs for secure external collaboration?

Will Office 365 meet your collaboration requirements?

Overcoming SharePoint limitations with Huddle

Microsoft SharePoint (server edition) remains a familiar component in many enterprise environments. Unfortunately, user adoption can often fall short of IT and management expectations, particularly in today’s agile enterprise where employees demand greater levels of collaboration, mobility and social interaction. 


Meeting the Digital Challenge: How Well is the NHS Embracing Cloud Computing?

Fundamental change is afoot in the way NHS professionals do their jobs. Collaboration is the watch-word, and cloud technology has emerged as the critical enabling platform – though usage remains limited.



The NHS is embracing the cloud with Huddle

How well is the public sector embracing Cloud Computing?

The cost benefits of moving to cloud computing has dominated much of the recent discussion around public sector IT. Yes, there are undoubtedly huge savings to be made in an era of budget cuts. But this austerity narrative obscures the transformative role that cloud platforms can have in driving more efficient, more effective public sector working practices. This narrative must change if the potential of cloud computing is to be realized.

Dods research: public sector cloud usage

Huddle overview

What is Huddle? Re-imagine how your organization stores, shares and collaborates on content internally and externally with customers, partners and suppliers. Used by 100,000 businesses and governments worldwide, Huddle is a proud provider of cloud content collaboration for the enterprise. We help our customers store, share and collaborate on content from anywhere, on any device, inside and between organizations.

Huddle overview

Huddle for US government

Where SharePoint fumbles, Huddle picks up. Easily deploy Huddle on top of, along side, or instead of SharePoint to empower your agency to finish projects and get results faster than ever before.

Huddle for US government

Security Accreditations

Huddle is committed to keeping your data safe and secure. Some of the biggest businesses in the world, and numerous government organizations, trust Huddle with their data. This document will give you an overview of Huddle's secure infrastructure and policies.

Huddle for Bid Management

How do you spot a Bid Management team that doesn’t have Huddle? They’re the tired and beaten team. They’re the ones battling against a tide of email to find content associated with each bid; the ones scratching their heads trying to understand the vagaries of SharePoint to collaborate on bids. And the ones who shared the bid document with a third-party organization via FTP—and lost track of the document due to a lack of security controls.

Huddle for Bid Management
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