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How do you efficiently weave together the information and resources needed to bid for, and win, business? It’s a challenge facing the most battle-hardened sales teams and bid managers.

If you’re still trying to manage your bids and proposals through email or an ageing SharePoint deployment you’ll know that managing the bid process and compiling sales proposals is time-consuming, expensive, and often infuriating. Seamless collaboration, access to subject matter expertise, and effective content management are the gateways to bid and proposal management success. That’s why Huddle represents a compelling alternative, allowing you to work with multiple stakeholders (both inside and outside of your organization), keep management informed, allocate tasks, and track your documents through complex approval flows. 

Download the whitepaper to discover how Huddle allows you to build secure workspaces in which to collate information, share materials , control document versions and secure sensitive data. 

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