Looking for greater success across your bid and proposal management process? Here's what the world's best brands do. 

Bidding for new business, and preparing proposals can be complex.

Our Bid Management whitepaper highlights that collecting input from across the business, managing edits from multiple stakeholders, controlling document versions, and chasing approvals is a complex process that demands change! 

Many of the world's largest brands use Huddle to better collaborate across the bid and proposal management process - in fact they tell us that they're 30% more efficient when they work in Huddle. For some, that's an annual saving running into hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Bid management is tough. So we've taken what we've learned from these organizations, and compiled three critical success factors that you need to beat the cost of new business forever! 


Talk to one of our industry experts about how Huddle can improve your bid management efficiency. 

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