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How do you spot a Bid Management team that doesn’t have Huddle?

They’re the tired and beaten team. They’re the ones battling against a tide of email to find content associated with each bid; the ones scratching their heads trying to understand the vagaries of SharePoint to collaborate on bids. And the ones who shared the bid document with a third-party organization via FTP—and lost track of the document due to a lack of security controls.

Compare and contrast with the Bid Center team using Huddle. Easy to spot by nature of their confidence. They efficiently and effectively weave together all the information and resources needed to prepare a high quality bid. They quickly tap into the talent of others to create a successful proposal; share the bid through a secure mobile channel; and create a repeatable bid template. They are the team that wins. Download this Huddle for Bid Management white paper to find out how Huddle maximizes the quality of bids, increases deal success and minimizes risk.

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