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Streamlining BCDR preparation and ensuring teams have timely, trusted information to react effectively in a crisis situation.

Is your business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) planning a minefield or a field of gold? Does your government department or commercial organization have timely, trusted information to react effectively and recover quickly from a natural or man-made catastrophe?

In this Huddle White Paper, we’ll explore why you can’t rely on your current systems to document, test and maintain your BCDR plan. Why email can result in an increased risk of the wrong BCDR plan being implemented, a long production cycle and reduced productivity. Why SharePoint strangles collaboration with third-party external agencies, such as the emergency services, law enforcement agencies and other BCDR delivery partners. And why consumer files storage systems can sometimes do as much damage as the disaster itself.

You’ll also discover how Huddle ensures the latest BCDR plans are available to those that need them—no matter what happens. How the cloud collaboration solution removes the barriers to secure, easy and rapid distribution of this such information—via mobile devices too. And how Huddle ultimately enables you to adopt a more collaborative, secure and flexible approach to BCDR planning and maintenance.

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