A Huddle report on the fragmentation of the enterprise brain.

Frustrated employees are engaging in risky business. Critical enterprise data is walking right out the front door, as 41% of employees are using unsecure, fragmented consumer cloud services, and 91% use personal storage devices for work. What’s more, information overload is driving the workforce to their breaking point.

Huddle’s State of the Enterprise Information Landscape study, carried out by Ipsos MORI, reveals some startling truths.

Employees admit to:

  • 91%* - using personal storage devices for work
  • 40%* - storing work documents on personal cloud tools and services
  • 55%* - feeling bombarded by all the information they have to deal with

*Average of the UK and US respondents sample.


US companies are reaching severe risk levels

Employees are compromising the security of enterprise files. Sensitive data is being transferred to random, unsecure places and slipping right out the front door—undetected.


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