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The best way for teams and clients to work together. Huddle is the next generation of secure client portal, and a more secure and intuitive way to manage today’s complex client engagements.

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Huddle: the secure client portal for industry leaders? 

Traditional methods of managing a client engagement can lead to delays and are prone to errors. Files becomes scattered across multiple locations, client updates sit waiting in email, tasks are buried in a task management system, and your enterprise messaging app won’t stop buzzing with new alerts. It’s unproductive, unengaging, and can introduce unnecessary risk by compromising sensitive client data.

Huddle is the next-generation of secure client portal, and an intuitive tool for managing today’s complex client engagements.

"For any client engagements we work on, Huddle is mission critical."

Control sensitive content with our secure client portal

  • Safeguard data. Unlike email, Huddle means you’ll never compromise sensitive client information. Securely share your files and control document access with the most secure portal software available.

  • Stay connected. Never miss important client or partner updates. Huddle syncs activity across all of your devices and manages files versions, so even if you’re not in the office, you’ll always have access to the latest documents, actions, and tasks.

  • User friendly. Start collaborating in minutes. Huddle is simple and intuitive to use. Teams are instantly more productive, your clients more engaged, and your work more secure.

 Keep work on track

  • Track activity. All content and user activity is tracked and timestamped, making it easy to check if your client has read that important report.

  • Never miss a deadline. Assign deadlines and check outstanding tasks or approvals to keep projects on track.

  • Speed-up work. Our collaboration features allow you to co-author documents, automatically chase approvals, and share updates with entire teams with a single click. 

 A more engaging experience

  • Branded. Build more engaging relationships. Add client or partner logos and create a truly branded experience.

  • Simple file gathering. Speed up the process of organizing and searching for documents. Huddle also makes it simple to request and collate reference materials from clients and partners.

  • Be informed. Every document in Huddle has its own comment stream. @mention individuals or entire teams to keep the conversation connected to the content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply invite your clients into a dedicated Huddle Workspace where they can access and collaborate on files, share updates, progress tasks and approvals, and more. In Huddle you can even track their activity and see which files they are viewing.
It depends on the plan and number of users that best fits your requirements. However, we most of our plans offer free licenses for your clients.
Huddle is incredibly easy to use and your teams and clients will productive immediately. In-app guidance and full online help guides make it simple to get started with files, tasks, approvals, file requests, and more.
Huddle meets the major security certifications you need to be sure that your sensitive content is secure, including ISO27001, Cyber Essentials Plus, FedRAMP, Hipaa, and more.
Managing client engagement can be complex, with files, actions, discussions, and approvals easily lost across multiple apps. Huddle combines everything you need to manage a client engagement in one, secure space.
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