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A Huddle collaboration portal makes it easy to securely collaborate on documents and manage files.

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Huddle makes document collaboration simple and secure 

Collaborating on content with colleagues, partners, and clients can be challenging. Multiple document revisions, endless communication email discussions, and approval requests that don’t get actioned on time. Huddle overcomes this. With Huddle, your teams can come together to share, discuss, and work on their content. It’s one place, in the cloud, that provides everything you need to manage tasks, content, approvals and team communication. When you’re done, use Huddle to safely share your content with anyone that needs access, from other internal departments to clients and partners.

Controlled collaboration 

If you’ve ever tried to work together as a team on a document, you know the challenges. You attach your document to an email and share it with several stakeholders and departments. What you get back are several different versions. Now you have to pick through emails, review feedback, and consolidate changes. Real-time, co-editing can be equally difficult, with almost no control over who’s making changes, and when.

Huddle works differently. With a Huddle collaboration portal, your stakeholders and contributors come to you. Huddle automatically manages your versions, preventing duplicate edits, and tracking changes between versions. And, every file stored in Huddle also comes with its own comment stream, so you team can discuss the document in one central place. That mean less time you need to spend picking through multiple emails, and more time to hit that deadline!

A faster document workflow

Huddle streamlines your workflow. If you need to collate reference materials at the start of a project, you can use your Huddle collaboration portal to request multiple files directly from individuals and teams, with the  File Request feature - it saves time, administration and keeps projects on track. It's also more secure than sharing attachments through email.

And, because it’s cloud-based, you get a real-time view of document activity, with the latest changes and team discussion automatically synchronized across all of your devices. Approvals are managed automatically, and all document and user activity tracked and time-stamped. It means everyone always has access to the latest document version, and you get a detailed business intelligence over your content - who's accessed it, when, and what they did with it.

Full user and document control

Huddle puts advanced security first. Working in Huddle is more secure than email, and more efficient that using shared drives. Huddle’s admin controls make it simple to invite contributors into your space to collaborate on content; and to define document policies – from read-only, through to full editing rights.

To keep you productive while you’re on the move, Huddle’s mobile apps for Android and iOS mean that you can take your work with you, while still remaining connected to real-time updates, approvals, and document updates.

#1 SharePoint alternative

With a clean, simple to use user interface that users love Huddle is the #1 alternative to Microsoft SharePoint.

  • Quick to deploy and easy to manage. No heavy IT-support required for you or your partners.
  • Simple sign-up process for your clients using their own email address.
  • Advanced security though Single Sign-On and Two Factor Authentication. 
  • Live preview files, without having to download them.


Effective document collaboration

Combining content, files, and people, a Huddle collaboration portal makes it easy to manage documents through their creation, development, approval, and sharing.

  • Review documents and co-edit in real-time with your clients (via Microsoft Office Online).
  • Set deadlines and approval requests.
  • Assign tasks to your team and partners, and track through a shared calendar.
  • Integrates with your existing productivity tools (Google G-Suite, Microsoft Office).

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