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Cloud-based portals are an effective way of allowing employees, and external clients and partners, to access the content they need, when they need it. However, if you're looking to build your own business portal with open source portal software, it's worth considering the resources it will take to build and maintain your solution.

Sound familiar

You might be looking to invest in a business portal because you're experiencing these common challenges:

  • Enterprise knowledge isn't shared across the business, or it's hard to find.
  • Sensitive client files are being shared through email or consumer-grade file sharing apps. 
  • Multiple versions of the same document exist, causing version confusion.
  • Knowledge is lost with employees.

With Huddle, you can build a business portal that overcomes these challenges and meets your business needs for better productivity and collaboration across your business. Combining a user experience that meets your employee's needs, with powerful document management controls and government-grade security to keep your content secure, portal software from Huddle keeps your content alive and makes your business more productive.

Powerful collaboration

There are plenty of open source software solutions in the open source community, but if you're becoming daunted by the resources required to build an open source portal, Huddle offers a powerful portal platform that's been proven across the world's largest enterprises - and even across government departments. 

Customers love Huddle because it's more than a basic document management or portal solution. Our collaborative features make it easy for you to create, share, edit, and collaborate on content with your team, and clients and partners, even when you're on the move using our mobile apps. Every document stored in Huddle has its own comment thread, so there's no more jumping between emails to check feedback or review comments - all of your comments, and document revisions are in one place!

Use a best-in-class solution

Don't risk the quality of your business portal - especially if you're using it to share and collaborate with clients. 

  • Many open source projects suffer from a slow development pace, where new versions are endlessly delayed. Huddle is cloud-based and you'll get regular updates without having to do anything! 
  • An open source project allows anyone to use the software without contributing. This leads to problems when an important, widely-used project has a severe lack of manpower and funds. Huddle has been a leader in collaboration and portal software for more than ten years, with experienced and proven infrastructure and development resources.

Control your content

Don't forget, it's not only your internal teams that need access to your content. Today's modern business also needs a way to manage how content is shared externally with clients and partners.

  • A portal solution from Huddle mitigates the security risks associated with sharing content externally via email or file sharing sites, by allowing users to create secure cloud-based workspaces that clients can access for the best customer experience possible. 
  • All activity in Huddle is time-stamped and logged, so whether it’s a piece of work you’re sharing with a colleague, or an update to the employee handbook that’s shared company-wide, Huddle allows you to track who’s viewed your content, and when!

The #1 Apache alternative

Huddle is the perfect alternative to open source portal solutions like Apache, Liferay, Jetspeed, or uportal, offering simple deployment and a lower cost of ownership. 

  • Huddle can be deployed in a matter of minutes, compared to open source projects, which could take weeks, or even months. 
  • Fast user adoption - even for clients and partners. Huddle’s remarkably intuitive user interface is one of the major reasons Huddle is the #1 alternative.
  • Effective content management, even when sharing externally with clients.
  • More than just a content management system, Huddle includes all of the collaboration tools your team needs as standard.  
  • Suitable for all business types.

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