Partner portal software helps you to build stronger, more loyal partner relationships. 

Manage your partner community, securely share content, and collaborate on work together.

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Stronger partner relationships 

A partner portal provides a secure web portal, in the cloud, for your partners to review work, share and retrieve information, and engage with your internal team. It's a single location, that can be accessed through any web browser, so it's simple to set-up, and use - even for your partners. There’s nothing to install and no complex sign-up process. Within minutes you can securely share files and sensitive data, discuss updates, and track partner activity.

And, because a partner portal built with Huddle benefits from bank-level security, your IP is protected and your partners can work with complete confidence. If you need to share sensitive files - such as pricing information or joint bid materials - Huddle is the perfect solution for better partner management and improving partner loyalty. 

Collaborative partner relationship management 

From channel partners to strategic technology partners, with Huddle, you can eliminate email overload, and keep conversations aligned to your content and project deliverables. Any document you share through a Huddle partner portal includes its own comment stream, so your partner community can easily engage with your teams. 

And, because a Huddle partner portal is cloud-based, you'll never miss an important update. Huddle will automatically sync the latest activity across all of your devices, and manages versions, so that everyone always has access to the latest documents, actions, and tasks.

Give partners the best experience possible

Everyone’s activity is tracked and time-stamped, so if you share a document through a Huddle partner portal, our concise audit trail lets you easily see when your partners view your document, and who they’ve shared it with.

If you need to collate bid materials for a joint bid, you can even use your Huddle partner portal to request files directly from your partners by using the File Request feature - it saves time, administration and keeps projects on track. It's also more secure than sharing through email.

Improve partner loyalty

A Huddle partner portal takes the pain out of collaborating and file sharing with your partner community. With bank-level security, granular permissions control, and a clean, simple to use interface, it's the #1 way to improve partner loyalty.

  • Quickly onboard partners and provide them with all of the information they need in one secure, accessible place. 
  • Simple sign-up process for your partners using their own email address.
  • Create a knowledge base of key materials for better partner training.
  • Share images and multimedia files to drive partner marketing initiatives.  
  • Live preview files, without having to download them.


Better partner management

Combining content management, files, and people, a Huddle partner portal ensures all of your important partner activity is kept in one, auditable place, and that the right partners have access to the right information and tools.  

  • Channel management is easy with Huddle. Review documents and co-edit with your partners (via Microsoft Office Online).
  • Set deadlines and approval requests.
  • Integrate with to for better sales management. 
  • Assign tasks to your team and partners, and track through a shared calendar.
  • Added security through single sign-on.

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