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Keeping your content secure and accessible  - for teams and clients

Huddle lets you build collaborative document portals for teams and clients that drive collaboration and efficiency across your business. From board members who need a more secure way to manage their board materials and sensitive financial information, to sales teams that need to build client portals to share confidential client work – portals are quick and easy to build with Huddle.

Unlock the power of your content 

Knowledge is at the heart of your business. Unfortunately, many organizations suffer from data silos, meaning important enterprise content is locked away across a variety of document management systems and even employee's own personal file sharing tools. 

  • Knowledge isn't shared across the business. 
  • Sensitive information is stored on consumer-grade file sharing services
  • Content is recreated, wasting time and resource.
  • Team members don't know where to find the information and content they need. 
  • Knowledge is lost when employees leave.

Portal software from Huddle changes this; unlocking your content and making it accessible to those that need it, when they need it. 

Control and protect your content with a client portal

It's not only your internal teams that need access to your content. Today's modern business also needs a way to securely share files, and manage how content is shared externally with clients and partners. Portal software from Huddle mitigates the security risks associated with sharing content externally via email or consumer-grade file sharing services, by allowing users to create branded client portals. 

A client portal from Huddle provides an accessible, cloud-based workspace where teams can share files and work on documents with clients and partners. Huddle's bank-level security offers complete document protection, and makes it simple to control who has access to your content. You can even set sensitive files to “read only”, adding a further layer of protection by preventing files from being downloaded to employee, or client devices and shared with unauthorized users.

A better way to collaborate and work together

Huddle is more than just content management software. When you work in Huddle, you can create, share, edit, and collaborate on content, whether you’re at your desk or on the move and using our mobile app. Every document stored in Huddle has its own comment thread, so there's no more jumping between emails to check feedback or review comments - all of your comments, and document revisions are in one place! All activity in Huddle is time-stamped and logged, so whether it’s a piece of work you’re sharing with a partner, or company information that needs to be shared company-wide, Huddle allows you to track who’s viewed your content, and when!

Microsoft Office & Google Apps

Whether you're a large enterprise or a midsize business, Huddle's portal software works the way you do. Open your files directly in your Microsoft Office or Google apps, make changes, and click save. It’s that easy! Your changes are now in Huddle, a new version has been created, with email notifications sent to your team so they're aware of the update.

  • Review documents and co-edit with colleagues, clients, and partners (via Microsoft Office Online).
  • Connects with your Microsoft and Google applications. 
  • Integrate with key enterprise software tools like 
  • Secure access through your company's single sign-on solution.


The favorite Sharefile alternative

Whether your organization is already using Sharefile or you’re looking for a better option, Huddle is the perfect alternative for building both enterprise and customer portals. 

  • Huddle can be deployed in a matter of minutes, allowing you to create a single location for your important enterprise content. 
  • It's easy to build secure client portals with Huddle. It's simple for clients and partners to log-in - all they need is a web-browser and an email address!
  • A simple and secure way to share and work externally means happier customers!
  • All of the collaboration tools your team needs to stay connected to their content.

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