Huddle vs Box

Purchasing a file sharing or collaboration solution for the first time? Or struggling to get the most out of an existing Box deployment?

Here's why you should be considering Huddle.


Huddle Workspaces for simple and secure document collaboration 

Unlike Box’s file storage approach to document management and permissions, which are time consuming to configure, Huddle allows you to create dedicated workspaces to ensure all files and activities can be discretely managed, avoiding folder sprawl and ensuring a simple customer experience. 

Workspaces act like mini-project portals with their own collection of files, calendars, and discussions. You could build a workspace around a team, a client, or a project – it’s up to you! 

Proven in enterprise, trusted by governments 

Document collaboration, file storage, user access and permissions can all be tightly controlled. So, whether you’re working on a sensitive client engagement or a confidential internal strategy piece, you can go about your document collaboration activities safe in the knowledge that your strict security requirements are being met by Huddle’s FedRAMP level security.   

Keep projects and engagement activity in one place 

Like many cloud services including Sharefile, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive, Box is built on the foundations of a file sharing service, and it shows. Project Management capabilities are limited, complex to implement and you may find that Box’s standard pricing models don’t include the task and project management functionality you need - you’ll probably need to purchase additional project management software. 

Huddle’s Project Management capabilities work right out of the box (forgive the pun). Task management is made easy, and you can even associate tasks with your documents to ensure project materials stay on track. Specific workflows for requesting files or setting document approvals are core to the product and available on your favourite platforms including Windows, Apple Mac and via Android and iOS Mobile Apps. Because Huddle allows you to separate your Projects and Engagements into discrete Workspaces, you can easily check on the latest activities for a specific project, allowing close resource management across your teams.

Build a great customer experience for client engagements

We've worked with hundreds of businesses to help them build engaging client and partner portals. Our developers have designed Huddle to ensure that collaboration beyond the firewall provides a world class customer experience, but not at the expense of retaining government grade security. Here are just three considerations:

1. The first cut is the deepest

The very first interaction your client has is the most important – make it complex or lengthy just to sign-up, and you might lose them before they’ve even started. Managing users external to your company in Box often requires a two-step sign-in process, and, worse still, the onus is on the user to work out what to do next. With Huddle, there's a no-fuss sign-up process. Your clients receive an invite and can access their portal in just a few clicks using their work email address. 

2. Stay in control

When you invite users into your Workspace you can assign them individual and team access rights. For example, you might only want clients to have read-only access across a small number of approved files.

It’s a level of administration and document management that file sharing tools like Box or Dropbox just can’t match.

3. Operate at scale

With Box, setting up even a single client engagement portal can be a painful and costly experience, which may require hefty custom configuration and third-party development. Huddle’s workspace model means you can rapidly create as many client portals as you need, and without the need for costly external expertise. Creating and branding a workspace, setting permissions and inviting your client into a Huddle workspace takes just 10 minutes.

Take client engagement to the next level?

Branding Huddle couldn’t be easier and can be completed with expert assistance from our technical support team. Unlike Dropbox, Huddle allows a more personalized branded experience than just a logo. You can change the color of the entire workspace to match your corporate brand, so your customers will know recognize and have trust as soon as they start collaborating in Huddle.

Considering the switch to Huddle?

Whether you’re using an existing cloud storage or file sharing service such as Box, Dropbox for Business, Google Drive, Egnyte or Microsoft Onedrive, it's easy to migrate your content to Huddle, and our customer support team will be there to provide technical support for every step of the way.

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