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From managing the bid process to overseeing operational delivery, Huddle provides a more efficient, collaborative, and secure way to manage your partners and suppliers.

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Why Huddle?

The large amounts of information flowing between suppliers, delivery teams and contract and procurement specialists, means that contracting, and managing your vendors and suppliers can quickly grow in complexity. Unfortunately, organizations can no longer rely on traditional tools, like email, file sharing apps, or legacy extranets, to manage this complexity. Control over important files is lost, important updates and tasks become buried in inboxes, and data security can quickly be compromised.

Huddle overcomes these challenges, making it simple to maintain control, manage access to key documents, ease the contracting process, improve ramp times, and build stronger partner relationships. 

"EDF Energy uses Huddle to manage new vendor bids and to keep existing partners connected to important project files."

 Maintain security & protect IP

  • Safeguard data. Unlike email, Huddle means you’ll never compromise sensitive company information. Control who can access your files, and set permissions – from read-only, to full edit rights.

  • Manage partner permissions. Decide which areas of your portal partners have access to, and the content they can use. Revoke access with a single click.

  • Keep track. Never miss important partner updates. Gather vendor information, track tasks and approvals, and use Huddle’s timestamped audit trail to check if partners are using your content.

 A more engaging experience

  • User friendly. Huddle is a perfect SharePoint alternative and is simple and intuitive to use. Teams are instantly more productive, your partners more engaged, and your work more secure.

  • Speed-up work. Our collaboration features allow you to co-author documents, automatically chase approvals, and share updates with your partners. All files stored in Huddle have their own comment thread, allowing your internal teams and your partners to ask questions and discuss the latest updates.

  • Branded. Build more engaging relationships. Add partner logos and create a truly branded experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A partner portal allows you to coordinate work across your partner network. It’s a more secure and effective way to control access to important files, manage tasks, approvals and more.
Simply invite your partners into a dedicated Huddle Workspace where they can access and collaborate on files, share updates, progress tasks and approvals, and more. In Huddle you can even track their activity and see which files they are viewing.
No. Most of our plans offer free licenses for your partners and clients.
Huddle is incredibly easy to use and your teams and partners will productive immediately. In-app guidance and full online help guides make it simple to get started with files, tasks, approvals, file requests, and more.
Managing partner networks can be complex, with files, actions, discussions, and approvals easily lost across multiple apps. Huddle combines everything you need to manage your partners in one, secure space.
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