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Securely collaborate, share files and coordinate your work with Government partners. Huddle is the most trusted name in secure Government collaboration.

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"Huddle enables us to work together more efficiently. It's a major improvement on projects."

Win Government contracts

  • Demonstrate security compliance and alignment with the Federal Government’s Cloud Smart policy, which requires Government agencies to evaluate safe cloud computing options prior to purchasing any new investments.
  • Government agencies consider FedRAMP authorized solutions as a best practice and often a necessity for contractors in any public-private sector partnership.
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Maintain secure, trusted relationships 

  • Protect your business from data breaches. Exposing sensitive data to security vulnerabilities can lead to catastrophic results as well as reputational damage.
  • Building trust with Government agencies leads to stable, and more predictable revenue opportunities for contractors.
  • Our FedRAMP authorized solution protects data with both in-transit and at-rest encryption, with the TLS 1.2 protocol which utilizes strong ciphers capable of up to 256 bit.
  • Legacy technologies often create frustrations for your Government counterparts and stakeholders, who expect modern, user-friendly, cloud-based applications.

Renew contracts

  • In today’s competitive contracting landscape, your business is more likely to renew a contract if it can show it has acted securely and reliably. 
  • Huddle allows contractors to build strong partnerships will their clients, by providing a solution that is intuitive and facilitates the secure sharing of information, data, and ideas.

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