What does the rise of document-centric collaboration mean?

Today’s accounting and consulting firms rely on timely access to documents, and the ability to work collaboratively with colleagues and clients around the world. It’s no longer about content management, but instead, the future is content collaboration. With no shortage of vendors looking to service this need, how should knowledge workers (who want to improve productivity and client satisfaction with these tools) and CIO’s (who must preserve privacy, security and data governance) navigate the growing landscape of document collaboration tools.


Watch the replay to learn from Huddle and guest Forrester Research: 

  • How busy, mobile professionals are adapting to new ways of working
  • Why content collaboration has become the driving force behind the knowledge worker
  • How to collaborate securely with clients
  • Governance of the collaborative process
  • Why your collaboration strategy must guide tool selection
  • Key trends and vendor considerations


Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

Vice President of Marketing at Huddle

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